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Ian Bond

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Ian Bond

Ian Bond is a stalwart of the Kent criminal defence community. He is an extremely experienced defence lawyer, expert in defending those accused of the most serious of offences. Extremely thorough, dedicated and a pleasure to work with.
— Oliver Saxby QC

Ian is a solicitor with Higher Rights (Criminal Advocacy) Qualification.  He has been a criminal defence lawyer since 1986.  He set up the firm Bond Joseph in 1997.  Throughout his career he has represented clients charged with the most serious of criminal offences.  At the same time he has assisted clients in the Magistrates Courts and Police stations of Kent on a very regular basis and continues to do so.

Recent cases of interest include:

  • Defence solicitor in rape and false imprisonment case in 2017

  • Defence solicitor in 3 handed murder involving expert evidence on the effects of the synthetic drug "Spice" in 2016. See news report.

  • Defence solicitor in South London gang related stabbing in 2015

  • Defence solicitor in sexual abuse and grooming cases

  • Defending a male charged with attempting to murder a Police Constable in 2013

  • Defending a male defendant who was detained and charged in Bristol with a double murder. Ian worked alongside Oliver Saxby QC on the case that went to trial at The Old Bailey in November 2012. See new report.

  • Defence solicitor in case of wide scale investment fraud in 2012.

  • Defence solicitor in case of attempted rape of a stranger by ex Police Constable in 2012. See news report.

  • Defence solicitor in 2011 case of a large-scale Cannabis factory enterprise. See news report.

  • Defence solicitor in a case of a substantial prostitution ring in Surrey in 2010.



Ian, thank you to you and your team. It has been a great pleasure and relief to be in contact with the company Bond Joseph. Your company has been extremely professional, understanding and compassionate in this time of confusion and concern.
— Anonymous

Suddenly finding oneself accused of a serious criminal offence is an enormous shock. Ian Bond not only gave excellent legal advice but provided empathetic support when it was needed the most. I cannot thank him enough for all of his assistance and guidance during a very difficult time.
— Anonymous

With Ian Bond, I always know he has every issue covered
— Anonymous

Ian’s early understanding of my situation was a total reassurance that I had instructed the right man for my case.
— Mr. M. Suzman

Mr. Bond was crucial in making sure my defence was presented in the strongest possible way. without his expertise I doubt i’d have been successfully acquitted.
— Mr. A. Jones

He was superb on his feet in court, very calm and disarming.
— Mr. S. Barton

He has a knack of putting you at ease and you want him on your side!
— Ms. J. Jones

He seemed to obtain the maximum amount of relevant information from me quickly and then present all that information to the court persuasively.
— Mrs Harding