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Hugh Roberts

Who are we?

Hugh Roberts

Mr Roberts is extremely approachable and never forgets a name or face. He takes a real interest in people and helps, not only in court, but by taking a real interest and putting people in touch with agencies that help them move on with their lives.

Hugh Roberts was educated at Stowe School Buckingham, trained in London and was admitted as a Solicitor in July, 1971.  Mr Roberts has consistently worked as a criminal defence lawyer since 1971. He has a deep knowledge of this specialism and is extremely well known in Kent as a leading criminal defence Solicitor. Mr Roberts has significant understanding of how drugs and alcohol bring people into conflict with the law and is actively engaged with the National Autism Society to promote a better understanding of how to work with people suffering from Autism and Mental Health.




Mr Roberts has represented my family for several decades. I constantly recommend him to those I know need help and I know he will always go above and beyond to assist them.
— Mr Bassett

Hugh clearly has a great deal of experience with working with children who suffer from learning difficulties. His compassion and understanding, of the issues my son faced on a daily basis, was second to none.
— Mrs S. Johnson-Wells

Mr Roberts was able to explain, both concisely and clearly, the legal issues with my daughters case. It was clear he assisted not simply as he was doing his job, but because he wanted to make a positive difference.
— Mr A. Foreman